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“My independence was all my wealth: I have known no other happiness.” –  Cora Pearl

Every time I hear a woman say “If I were going to do sex work, I’d be a high-class escort” I roll my eyes so hard it’s almost audible. Like being a supermodel, being an upmarket escort is a door that will remain closed for the majority of Kiwi women. Escorting requires some combination of exquisite good looks, a high level of education, knowledge of etiquette and exceptional tolerance. Many upmarket escorts already have gainful employment, and can afford to see few clients for a high price on the side, other NZ escorts may be former models, aspiring medical students or disenfranchised socialites. The “call-girl” is a far cry from the much-maligned street walker and can usually be found in her natural habitat, drinking Perrier-Jouet in the Presidential Suite of a five-star hotel.

NZ Escort in a Hot Pool

In New Zealand the term “escorting” is synonymous with sex work, as decriminalisation of prostitution means no need for euphemisms. I make the distinction of “escorting” to include a service that extends beyond sexual gratification. Usually this applies to accompanying clients to dinner, for weekends away or long-distance travel. Some sex workers will include a “social rate” in their pricing to include non-sexual encounters.

NZ Escort

Most high class NZ escorts work for themselves, as being well-educated they are capable of managing their own marketing and prefer to maintain their own client relationships without the cost of a middle-man. There are some high-end agencies that cater to escorts, providing free advertising, an existing client base and beautiful premises without the overheads. Agents can also be used to handle an escort’s phones, taking bookings and arranging outcalls. Agencies will either charge a set rate per booking($50-100), or a percentage of the retail price (usually between 30-50%) depending on the service provided.

A full time, high class NZ escort will require her own website with good search engine optimisation(SEO) and professional photographs, or pay around $200 a week in advertising costs with escort directory websites (some will provide a free photographer) and newspaper advertisements (the only legal ways to advertise as specified in the Prositution Reform Act 2003). I will speak at length about advertising in a future post.

Rates for high class NZ escorts differ widely, with retail price being  anywhere from $300-1000 per hour and services differing from girl-to-girl. Most high-end agencies charge between $300-500 with the lady getting between half and two thirds of that amount, independent escorts pocket the entire amount but also have to cover their own costs.

NZ Escort

If you are considering becoming a high-class escort there are a few things to consider:
- Are you exceptionally good looking with a tight, toned physique and look great naked?
- Do you have a good level of education and can discuss a wide variety of topics e.g. current events, global politics, literature and the arts?
- Are you comfortable in a fine dining restaurant and know the difference between an amuse-bouche and an aperitif?
- Do you mind being seen  in public with people that you would never conceivably date, holding hands and flirting?
- Are you drug-free, don’t drink  to excess and a non-smoker (or capable of acting like it during a booking)?
- do you have a flexible homelife that allows you to be out in the evenings, often without notice or away for extended periods of time?

If you answered no to any of the above, you may be better suited to working in an agency, which I will discuss in my next post.

Here is an excellent example of an independent escort that I admire and respect:
Billie, Independent Escort

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